Favre Not Pleased With His BFF Longwell

October 12, 2010

Monday afternoon Brett Favre apologized to his teammates for the distraction caused by his love of technology and himself.  Longtime Favre BFF Ryan Longwell told ESPN’s Michelle Tafoya that Favre had cried during his emotional apology.  After the Vikings 29-20 loss to the Jets Monday Night, Favre sent a strong message to his BFF Longwell.  When asked about what was said to his teammates during his apology:

“That’s between me and my teammates. Apparently not all of them.”

As you can see, the Godfavra wasn’t very pleased with some of the details that had leaked from his apology.  The crack staff at That’s Vikings Football obtained a photo of an altercation between Favre and Longwell shortly following the post game press conference.

You broke my heart.


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